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The Perfect Anniversary Gift

David Tishbi Jewelry

Choose Custom, Engraved, And One-Of-A-Kind Pieces Of Jewelry To Ensure A Truly Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift

Your wedding anniversary is approaching and you may be wondering what kind of a gift to give your spouse or your partner.  Luckily, there are many gifted jewelers, who will be happy to work with you, to incorporate your romantic history into a dazzling piece of jewelry.  Jewelers can create one-of-a-kind custom pieces, from “scratch,” and they can also upgrade a piece of jewelry and/or repurpose the metal and gemstones from one or more of your pieces of jewelry into a stunning new design.  Your jeweler can even incorporate words/phrases–including your names or your nicknames–your wedding date, or special shapes (such as a heart, the infinity symbol, or entwined circles) via engraving or other design elements, to add that personal touch to any gift.

Start off by thinking about your special someone’s style–modern, traditional, antique? Then, decide if you would like your jeweler to create a piece of jewelry that could be worn every day, or if you would prefer a statement/special occasion piece.  Next, consider what colors and/or gemstones that your sweetheart favors–diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are the most popular choices for special anniversary jewelry.  Last, but not least, think about what metal your special someone wears most often–you may consider yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or silver.

You and your jeweler may also choose to incorporate the metal, or the gemstone, that corresponds to the year of your wedding anniversary.  You may consider gold for your first anniversary; sapphires for your fifth anniversary; diamonds for your tenth anniversary; rubies for your fifteenth anniversary; emeralds for your twentieth anniversary; silver for your twenty-fifth anniversary; pearls for your thirtieth anniversary; emeralds, jade, or corral, for your thirty-fifth anniversary; rubies for your fortieth anniversary; sapphires for your forty-fifth anniversary; and gold for your fiftieth wedding anniversary–which is also known as the golden jubilee.

Perhaps you would like to “upgrade” an engagement ring or another special ring.  Your jeweler can help you to select a larger center stone and/or larger baguettes, and create a unique setting and band.  Larger diamonds are available in a range of carat weights, cuts, clarity, and colors.  Your jeweler can also design a new ring, by using the stone or stones from other pieces of jewelry.  Perhaps you would like to purchase a new ring and have your jeweler use the stones, from other rings, to create a new pair of earrings, a necklace, or a band.

A talented jeweler will be happy to spend time, with you, to design and create a piece of jewelry that will incorporate your wishes.  In addition to upgraded engagement rings, you may want your jeweler to create matching or complementary wedding bands, bracelets, or necklaces.  Other popular wedding anniversary gifts include one-of-a-kind diamond earrings, gold bangles, tennis bracelets and necklaces comprised of diamonds and precious gemstones, as well as custom cufflinks.

You, and your jeweler, can work together to ensure that your gift has both sentimental value and a definitive “wow” factor.  The perfect gift, for your wedding anniversary, will be worn often and will truly be cherished.  These wonderful pieces of jewelry can also be passed down, to other relatives, and enjoyed for years to come.

David Tishbi, located in Pacific Palisades, California, has designed and hand-crafted beautiful pieces of jewelry–including many one-of-a-kind custom pieces–for over twenty-six years.  He is passionate about translating his customers’ wishes into much-loved pieces of jewelry. His jewelry–including his award-winning spinner rings–are created out of recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones.

You may contact David Tishbi Jewelry about custom and personalized jewelry by calling (310) 866-6845, by email at, or through this Contact Form.

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