Guide to Birthstones: March – Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Guide to Birthstones: March – Aquamarine and Bloodstone

March has two birthstones; The traditional birthstone is Bloodstone, while the modern birthstone is Aquamarine. While they are vastly different in appearance, they both share the qualities of improving the wearer’s health.


Aquamarine: The name “Aquamarine” stems from the Latin words ‘aqua marinus,’ meaning water of the sea. It is named this because of its beautiful and tranquil blue hues ranging from pale to deep blue. Some stones have a greenish tint, and some are more clear. A durable stone, the Aquamarine averages a 7.5 on the Mohs Scale.

Bloodstone: This gem is typically a dark green stone with red flecks of iron oxide, hence the name. It is a durable stone, averaging 6.5-7 on the Mohs Scale.  


Aquamarine: This gem is a calming stone and is believed to heal emotional trauma and relieve stress of the heart and mind. 

Bloodstone: The Bloodstone is Chalcedony – a cryptocrystalline quartz – which was used by the Babylonians in amulets and seals. They believed the stone had great healing powers, especially for those with blood disorders. It is thought to have healing and purification energies to strengthen one’s blood and immune system.

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