The Advantages of Handmade Jewelry


David Tishbi has been designing and handcrafting beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for his customers for the past twenty years. He is quite passionate about creating custom and unique jewelry, including his award-winning spinner rings. He uses conflict-free gemstones, as well as recycled metals like platinum, silver, and yellow, white, and rose gold. Tishbi takes great pride in creating most of his jewelry in his shop in Pacific Palisades, California.

There is a current trend in the jewelry industry, which centers on an increased number of women and men desiring and purchasing handmade jewelry for themselves or as gifts for loved ones. Whether searching for one-of-a-kind custom pieces, or handmade jewelry created in small, limited quantities, more people are choosing to work with jewelers on their newfound quest. Read below to find out the many advantages to purchasing handmade jewelry.


Handmade jewelry is of a higher quality than mass-produced jewelry and makes the wearer feel truly special. Handmade pieces of jewelry – including one-of-a-kind custom pieces – are made by gifted and experienced artisans who enjoy their craft, and whose positive energy is channeled into each piece they create. It is no surprise that customers place a higher value on this jewelry, and feel more luxurious when they wear these handcrafted pieces. 

Whether customers buy handmade jewelry, or they commission a jeweler to craft a unique piece, the customer will be able to cherish their one-of-a-kind design and feel proud to wear something that is as unique as it is beautiful. If it is a commission for a gift, our customers can be assured their loved ones will feel immense pride in knowing that this gift was handcrafted with love and thoughtfulness at every stage.


A great advantage of handcrafted jewelry is that customers have the option to be part of the creative process to choose the metal, the gemstones, the design, and style. Additionally, jewelers are able to work with the customer to offer more favorable pricing, which is a huge benefit. Tishbi notes, “Customers really love being part of the process and contributing their ideas. Men and women gravitate to pieces of handmade jewelry. They also truly value originality and they enjoy wearing jewelry that is rare.” 

Jewelers can also redesign and repurpose older pieces of jewelry that customers no longer wear. Taking the metal and the stones, jewelers can redesign and create a new, one-of-a-kind piece that aligns with the customer’s current style, while still preserving the sentimental value of the jewelry itself. Click here to learn more about repurposing old jewelry.


Shopping at a local jewelry store helps customers to feel great about their purchases for many reasons. Supporting local artisans helps to build a stronger community, and allows for customers and jewelers to create authentic relationships. A great part of this relationship between the jeweler and customer is that customers can be part of the creative design process, which allows for a more positive experience that they can share with family and friends. Wearing a unique piece that has sentimental value and was partly designed by the customer, is a wonderful benefit to shopping local, rather than ordering online from a company that mass-produces each piece. Additionally, customers who are conscious of their carbon footprint can feel good about buying local and not shipping their expensive pieces across the country or the globe.

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