22K Gold Framed Roman Coin Pendant on Roman Glass Beaded Necklace



One-of-a-kind 22K framed ancient Roman coin on a necklace made of ancient Roman glass from the reign of Marcus Aurelius Probus. The reign of Probus was mainly spent in successful wars by which he re-established the security of all frontiers. The most important of these operations were directed to clearing Gaul of German Invaders, allowing Probus to adopt the titles of Gothicus Maximus and Germanicus Maximus.

22K Gold

Necklace size – 19″ inches

Infinity Clasp

David Tishbi offers:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Complimentary gift box

Metal Stamp: 22k,

Approx. Pendant Dimensions:22 mm

Chain Type: Roman Glass

Handcrafted in the USA